Kristian Gilcher - Administrative Assistant

A proud New York Native, Kristian spent her childhood naturally gravitating towards the arts. Singing immediately became her favorite form of expression. She briefly moved to Orlando, Florida for high school where she was deeply involved in the school’s Drama program. While performing in productions, choruses, and state competitions, she met and befriended Rami Shafi. Upon graduation she moved back to New York City to pursue a degree in Journalism at CUNY Lehman College, hoping to challenge and develop her writing skills.


During March of 2016, Kristian held sandwiches and belongings as Rami filmed Aaron Moses Robin, the first Pedestrian Wanderlust dancer, moving down a quiet street in the West Village. Since then she has witnessed Pedestrian Wanderlust blossom into a movement that brings dance and imaginative movement to sidewalks ordinarily reserved for rigid indifference; light and love to a city begging to be set free.  
Presently, Kristian is the lead singer of an original jazz-pop-rock fusion band based out of Brooklyn. Her band, Master Tapes, is set to perform gigs throughout the city this summer. She spends her time bartending nights, consumed in creative writing projects, and making time for trips into nature as much as possible. She is most excited about developing a sustainable plan to travel long-term with Pedestrian Wanderlust, sharing in the joy of movement with passionate people around the world.