Pedestrian Wanderlust is a movement movement of improvised dance in public spaces. Through our video portrait series and free public dance jams, we are committed to inspiring others to explore creative movement and bringing communities together to share in the joy of dance.

In each film we get to know the dancers not just for their physicality, but also their choices, curiosities, and response to the world and people around them. Using their surroundings as a playground, the resulting footage provides us with a glimpse of the individual’s movement identity as unique to them as a fingerprint. It's the dance we all do in our heads while walking down the street listening to music on our headphones brought to life. 

The entire shoot is improvised. The dancer selects a location that inspires them or that they have a personal connection to and upon arriving in the space the day of filming, a starting and ending point are agreed upon and the dancer and videographer improvise together for roughly 5 minutes capturing the entire journey in one shot and one take. All films are shot on an iPhone with natural light in a duet between dancer and videographer. Moving often times in silence, the dancers respond to their own rhythms and music is selected and added afterwards.

Pedestrian Wanderlust Behind the Scenes: The Making of

Beyond the films, Pedestrian Wanderlust also engages with the community by hosting free monthly improv jams in public spaces with live musicians. The jams begin with a one hour improvised movement exploration led by one of the Pedestrian Wanderlust dancers to get everyone loose, into their bodies, and exploring different movement options. This is followed by an open free for all dance party ripe with creative juices, contact improv, and freedom of expression. The goal is always to bring together people of all ages, walks of life, and levels of movement experience to share in the joy of dance and be inspired by one another.

Check out footage from our last jam below:

Pedestrian Wanderlust has filmed with over 400 dancers and is equally proud to have filmed with children and non-professional dancers as it is to have worked with prominent members of the dance community including but not limited to:

Larry Keigwin and the members of KEIGWIN+COMPANY 

Sidra Bell of Sidra Bell Dance New York 

Raja Feather Kelly of the feath3r theory 

Chalvar Montiero and Jeroboam Bozeman of Alvin Ailey 

Kyle AbrahamTamisha Guy and Jeremy "Jae" Neal of Abraham in Motion

Slim Ninja & The Iconic House of Ninja

Du'Bois A'Keen of Urban Bush Women

Thryn Saxon of Kate Weare Company

Madonna dancer Coral Dolphin


 and more.

We are proud to partner and collaborate with National Water Dance to help bring awareness to water issues such as pollution and climate change. Pedestrian Wanderlust is also a 1st and 3rd place finalist with two of our films respectively for the 2017 Audience Awards in Danceador's Lose Yourself to Dance Film Contest. We are incredibly grateful for all of the support we have received and hope to continue to bridge the gap between the "dance world" and the rest of the world in our firm belief that there is dancer within all of us.