Spaceworks Williamsburg Library Improv Jam - 6/3/17

This jam marked the second of Pedestrian Wanderlust's official public improv jams and was held at Spaceworks Williamsburg Library. We had been struggling to secure a permit for an outdoor space (you need a permit to gather a group of people to dance- what's that about? #footloose) and this space presented itself as our saving grace by Tillt Magazine in exchange for me speaking on a panel earlier that day discussing "Where is Dance Going?" On that note, shoutout to Tillt Magazine! Go check them out if you haven't already as they're doing an excellent job of keeping us in the now with the dance scene.

It was definitely a different sort of public venue as it lacked the foot traffic and visibility of an outdoor space but our turnout was still great and hey- when life gives you lemons right?

We had Aeric Meredith-Goujon come out again for music and this time Du'Bois A'Keen led the movement class. Unlike the last jam, most of the participants this time were non-professional dancers so it was real gift to watch them explore their bodies and movement in new ways.

Overall it was a wonderful evening. People left exhilarated asking about when the next one would be and we couldn't be happier about the buzz and excitement that is gathering around these new jams. Without further ado, here are 16 of our favorite shots from the evening captured by the wonderful Sylvester Finch. 



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