National Water Dance 2018

Pedestrian Wanderlust is excited to announce its partnership and collaboration with NWD Projects for National Water Dance 2018! Together, we will be creating spontaneous dance videos at water sites all over the country leading up to the date of the event on April 14, 2018. On this date at 4pm, dancers around the country will unite in movement near bodies of water to help bring awareness to water issues such as pollution and climate change. Both organizations, along with Dance Magazine, will be posting the promotional video collaborations on their websites and Instagram.


National Water Dance, created and directed by Dale Andree as a part of NWD Projects, is an artist-driven collective of dancers and educators stretching from coast to coast and from Alaska to Florida, addressing the most pressing issue of this generation, our environment. National Water Dance, as a dance collective, wants to create a movement that cries out for action.

CLICK HERE to learn more about National Water Dance!

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